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曰本一本道a东京热播-This is how it works

039一本道不卡免费播放-Find a space

一本道手机dvd在线观看免费-First step is to find the right place to create your workspace. We teach you how to do it in a container (because it is easy to replicate) but it could be made anywhere depending on what's convenient for you.

  • 039一本道不卡免费播放-Collect your raw material

    曰本一本道a东京热播-Plastic waste is our raw material. Setting up an efficient and recurrent collection system is the first step to run a successful recycling workspace. Learn how to get plastic and set up a system that keeps it coming in.

    曰本一本道a东京热播-Sort different plastics

                                    039一本道不卡免费播放-Different plastic types have to be separated as they have different melting temperatures and properties. An efficient sorting system is crucial to avoid mixing plastic and ruining your process.

                                    一本道手机dvd在线观看免费-Shred that plastic!

                                    一本道高清幕免费视烦-Bigger plastic objects are chopped into smaller flakes using the shredding machine. Shredded plastic is easier to store, wash, melt, sell and use in the other machines or processes.

                                    039一本道不卡免费播放-Get your paint ready

                                    一本道手机dvd在线观看免费-The shredded plastic should be labeled and stored accordingly to avoid cross contamination and create a material bank for your creations. Try to store your plastic by colours and start using it as your paint!

                                        一本道久在道最新2019-Melting time

                                        039一本道不卡免费播放-Once your plastic is ready you can start creating valuable products from plastic waste using our four machines. Each machine is slightly different but work on the same concept: melt, press, cool down.

                                        一本道高清幕免费视烦-Create products

                                                一本道久在道最新2019-Through the years we have developed different techniques to create with plastic waste. Products, construction material or art objects- the possibilities are endless. Now it's your turn to take it to the next level.
                                                Surprise us!

                                                              • 039一本道不卡免费播放-Display & sell

                                                                039一本道不卡免费播放-Once your products are ready is time to finish, photograph and display your creations beautifully so you can sell your recycled products to people around the world.

                                                                039一本道不卡免费播放-Check out some of our favourite workspaces



                                                                一本道手机dvd在线观看免费-This collective from Ukraine creates a wide range of outstanding products and unique experiments.

                                                                一本道手机dvd在线观看免费-Check profile

                                                                一本道久在道最新2019-Bope Shop

                                                                一本道高清幕免费视烦-Chiang Mai

                                                                曰本一本道a东京热播-Tehr and Permika have set up a little business making beautiful products for tourists and inspiring experiments for the community.

                                                                一本道手机dvd在线观看免费-Check profile

                                                                一本道手机dvd在线观看免费-Ready to create your plastic recycling workspace?

                                                              • 一本道手机dvd在线观看免费-From planning to melting & selling your products- we've got you covered!

                                                                一本道久在道最新2019-Plan your workspace

                                                                一本道手机dvd在线观看免费-Start creating
                                                              • 曰本一本道a东京热播-Sell your products

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