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一本道手机dvd在线观看免费-They are made from basic materials, affordable & easy to build.



一本道高清幕免费视烦-The machines are made of different components that can be repaired, replaced, or customized.

曰本一本道a东京热播-Open source

一本道手机dvd在线观看免费-The blueprints and tutorials for our machines will always be freely available online, for anyone to access and use.


曰本一本道a东京热播-By using basic materials, tools, and universal parts, the machines can be built all over the world.

一本道高清幕免费视烦-Build yourself

一本道久在道最新2019-We've created a series of video tutorials that are easy to follow and help you get started building the machines.

                  一本道久在道最新2019-Shredder machine

                  一本道手机dvd在线观看免费-Plastic waste is shredded into flakes which will be used in the other machines to create new things. You can select the output size of these flakes by changing the sieve inside the machine to create different patterns and processes.

                    一本道久在道最新2019-Extrusion machine

                            039一本道不卡免费播放-Extrusion is a continuous process where plastic flakes are inserted into the hopper and extruded into a line of plastic. These lines can be used to make new raw materials such as 3d printing filament, make granulated plastic, spun around a mold, or used in your own new and creative ways.

                            一本道久在道最新2019-Injection machine

                            一本道久在道最新2019-Plastic flakes are heated and injected into a mold. It’s a relatively quick process which is well suited for creating small objects repeatedly. You can make the molds completely yourself by using CNC mills or lathes, or by simply welding them.

                            一本道手机dvd在线观看免费-Compression machine

                            一本道手机dvd在线观看免费-Plastic is heated inside the oven and slowly pressed into a mold with a carjack. Well suited for making large and more solid objects, the oven itself is also a great machine for prototyping and making plastic tests with.

                            一本道久在道最新2019-Build them yourself

                            039一本道不卡免费播放-We share all the information you need to build them yourself, or perhaps with the help of a local handyman.

                                    曰本一本道a东京热播-The machines are made with basic tools and materials that should be easily available, wherever you live.

                                    一本道高清幕免费视烦-Curious about what you can make with these machines?

                                  1. 一本道高清幕免费视烦-Explore what we, and other hundreds of people, are making while cleaning up the environment.

                                    039一本道不卡免费播放-Ready to build your machines?

                                    039一本道不卡免费播放-We have created simple video tutorials to allow anyone to build the machines and start recycling plastic waste.

                                  2. 一本道高清幕免费视烦-Start building machines
                                    039一本道不卡免费播放-Build the shredder
                                    一本道久在道最新2019-Build the injection

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